3xx HTTP Status Messages - Redirects


The HTTP status messages in the 300 series are redirection responses. They indicate that the resource requested has moved or in some way been redirected to a new location.

300 Multiple Choices:

The requested resource corresponds to any one of a number of different options. In most cases the user or the user agent is given a list of choices to choose where to move to.

301 Moved Permanently:

The requested resource has been moved from this URI to a new location. This redirection is permanent. Clients with link editing capabilities should change the link to the new location.

302 Found:

The requested resource resides temporarily in another location, but it can still be found at the requested URI.

303 See Other:

The response to the requested resource can be found at a different URI, but that response should not be cached by the user agent.

304 Not Modified:

If the client has performed a conditional GET request and access is allowed, but the document has not been modified, the server should respond with this status code.

305 Use Proxy:

The requested resource must be accessed by the proxy indicated in the Location: resource.



307 Temporary Redirect:

The resource in question has been moved to a new location, but the user agent should not update the URI to the new location.

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