Add URL Pages

Many search engines have forms set up to quickly and easily add your sites to their directories. Promoting your pages starts with being listed.
  • All the Web
    Their goal is to have every Web page in their database. So your submission can only help.
  • AllSmallBiz
    A search engine for the small business community. They will only add sites that are relevant to small businesses.
  • Google
    You should only enter your first page, and you can also include keywords that help them classify your site.
  • is a search engine specifically for ebusinesses.
  • Open Directory
    Find the most specfic category you can for your site before you submit it to the Open Directory.
  • Scrub the Web
    A simple form to submit your site to this search engine.
  • The Open Grid
    The Open Grid is an index where in order to be added you have to join the network and rate at least 5 other sites in the network. The idea is that anyone who can search for things in a directory should be able to add things to it and comment on what's in it. So, once you've registered and reviewed at least 5 other sites listed in the directory, you can then add your own site.
  • WhatUSeek
    Get your Web site into a search engine with many results and lots of information.
  • Yahoo
    A little bit different, Yahoo has editors who review every submission. Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter.

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