Describing People and Concern for Someone

A: Have you seen the new girl in school?
B: No, I haven't.
A: She's really pretty.
B: Describe her to me.
A: She's not too tall.
B: Well, how tall is she?
A: She's about five feet even.
B: What does she look like, though?
A: She has pretty light brown eyes.
B: I may know which girl you're talking about.
A: So you have seen her around?
B: Yes, I have.


A: There's a new girl in school, have you seen her yet?
B: I haven't seen her yet.
A: I think that she is very pretty.
B: Tell me how she looks.
A: She's kind of short.
B: What height is she?
A: She's probably about five feet.
B: That's nice, but tell me what she looks like.
A: The first thing I noticed was her beautiful brown eyes.
B: I think I might've bumped into her before.
A: Are you telling me that you've seen her before?
B: I believe so.


A: Have you met the new girl?
B: No. Have you?
A: She's one of the prettiest girls at the school.
B: What does she look like?
A: Well, she's quite short.
B: How tall would you say that she is?
A: I would say she's only five feet.
B: What about her facial features?
A: She has light brown eyes, absolutely beautiful.
B: I think I know who you're talking about.
A: Have you seen her?
B: I think that I have.


Concern for Someone

A: Why weren't you at school yesterday?
B: I wasn't really feeling well.
A: What was wrong with you?
B: My stomach was upset.
A: Do you feel better now?
B: I don't really feel too well yet.
A: Do you want anything to make you feel better?
B: No, thanks. I already took some medicine.
A: I hope you feel better.
B: Thank you.


A: What reason do you have for missing school?
B: I was sick.
A: How were you sick?
B: I had a stomachache.
A: Did it get any better?
B: I'm still feeling under the weather.
A: Would you like anything for your stomach?
B: I took something earlier.
A: Get better.
B: Thanks a lot.


A: Why didn't you go to school yesterday?
B: I stayed home because I wasn't feeling well.
A: What was your problem?
B: My stomach was bothering me.
A: Are you feeling any better?
B: I'm still feeling a little sick.
A: I'm going to the store, would you like any Pepto Bismol?
B: That's okay.
A: I hope you feel better.
B: I'd appreciate that.


English Conversation - Describing People and Concern for Someone

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