Route53: Domain Name System (DNS) from AWS

Route53 is the Domain Name System (DNS) service provided by AWS. Below are some basic points regarding Route53:

1. Domain Name System (DNS): Translates names like into the numeric IP addresses like

2. Why "53" in name? This services is named Route53 as port 53 belongs to TCP/UPD and mainly handles DNS queries.

3. Routes traffic based on multiple criteria, such as endpoint health, geographic location, and latency. Ensure end users are routed to the closest healthy endpoint for your application.

4. Routing Policies: Simple, Weighted (example: 75% to one server, 25% to other), Latency-based, Failover, Geo-location based.

5. Configure DNS health checks to route traffic to healthy endpoints or to independently monitor the health of your application and its endpoints. It re-route your users to an alternate location if your primary application endpoint becomes unavailable.

6. Also offers Domain Name Registration.

7. Record Sets: NS, SOA, A, AAAA, CNAME

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