AWS CloudFormation: Infrastructure as Code

When you need to create the same/similar replica of the existing cloud environment to another region or account, just create a template (in form of JSON/YAML) from the existing cloud environment and implement it on another region or account. CloudFormation converts all your cloud infrastructure to JSON/YAML code. Below are some basic points to remember about CloudFormation:

1. Infrastructure as Code

2. Create replica of your existing cloud environment (infrastructure resources) across multiple accounts and regions.

3. Components:

  • Template (JSON or YAML) (Code of your cloud environment or infrastructure resources) 
  • Stack (Logical collection/grouping of infrastructure resources based on the template code)
  • Changeset (Preview summary of proposed changes to your infrastructure)

4. Use cases: 

  • To copy the current cloud environment to another account or region 
  • To copy Production environment for developers to debug any issue 

5. Cost: Cloud Formation does not have any additional cost but you are charged for the underlying resources it builds.

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