Difference between EC2 and Lightsail in AWS (EC2 vs Lightsail)

EC2 and Lightsail are compute services offered by AWS. Broadly, you can say Lightsail is the lighter version of EC2 where you don't need to manually configure underlying infrastructure like EBS, EFS, VPC, Subnets, Storage Groups, ACL etc. Following are the basic points about Lightsail to consider:

1. With EC2, you have to manually configure Storage and Networking. But if you don't want to take headache of underlying infrastructure such as Storage and Networking, you can go with Lightsail.

2. Lightsail is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) service in which the above mentioned infrastructure is in-built.

3. Lightsail provides: 
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server with Autoscaling)
  • Storage (like EBS, EFS for EC2)
  • Networking (like VPC, Subnet, SG, NACL for EC2)
  • Load Balancing (like ELB)
  • API (Application Program Interface)
  • Integration with other AWS services via VPC peering
4. Backup: You can easily create snapshot of you Lightsail VPS.

5. In short, Lightsail is the simpler and lighter version of EC2 with limited functionalities. The target market for Lightsail appears to be those who just want a simple VPS without going into the complexities of EC2. Later on, you can easily switch from Lightsail VPS to EC2.

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